Membership Queries

If you have a question about your membership, use the form below to send your message to the Membership Secretary, or email This would include – membership rates, associate members, new memberships, updating details, and so on.

Insurance Questions

If you have questions about the BBAC-NFU Mutual insurance scheme, use the form below and select Insurance, or email

Technical Issues

This is a new system and things are likely to be not quite perfect from day one. I’d love to get these investigated and fixed as soon as possible. Use the form below to contact me about any Technical Issues using the site – for example, missing links, unable to see your details, unable to edit associate members, unable to renew memberships, or other issues. A screen-shot, details of any errors and what you were doing that caused the issue will make life a lot easier for me! Piers Glydon, Webmaster.